Welcome to Nancy’s Picks

Providing CONSERVATIVE Ballot Picks for the Busy Voter, since ‘96


NANCY’S PICKS SITE BACKGROUND: I am a CONSERVATIVE and a Christian and spend a lot of time researching the CALIFORNIA ballot.

It all started in my 30’s when I was appalled at myself for how ignorant I was on ballot items. With the conviction to change, I started to really dig in and research my ballot, supported by my already established Conservative values. I wanted to be an INFORMED VOTER.

Friends, family and acquaintances began to take notice of my ballot knowledge and ask my advice. It spread. I developed a reputation, particularly at my church, of being the “GO-TO” for ballot recommendations. Before an election, many would call for my PICKS. I was delighted to multiply my research to help others!

However, I had a young family, and it was difficult, time-wise to be on phone for hours taking and returning calls. Finally, my husband suggested I write out my recommendations, he’d type them for me, and we’d make copies to give, or mail to all who asked. Problem solved.

But, the word of Nancy’s Ballot Picks spread. Hundreds of people were asking for the copies. It was getting time-consuming and costly, in copying and postage, to get them to interested voters.

WEBSITE: Finally my husband, said that what I needed was a website. I RESISTED because I didn’t even know how to TURN ON a computer. He insisted, and found a computer-gifted High School student, who built my original site in 2004. I hand wrote my Recommendations & comments, and Paul did the input. Eventually, I took a computer class and took over the inputting.

From 2004 to 2018, I used the site and it worked well. For the first 10 years, I sent out 100’s of emails, now pointing recipients site, reminding them NOT TO WAIT for my email reminder, but go directly to www.NancysPicks.com for each election. For those who weren’t computer savvy, I still mailed many of hard copies. I finally stopped the reminder emails, as couldn’t keep on top of email changes. I was delighted to see, a few years go, if one Googled my name, it would provide a link to my site. WHO KNEW?

AVAILABILITY: THIS SITE WILL BE AVAILABLE AT EVERY ELECTION (Lord willing). I will post “as I go” and should be complete AT LEAST 2, but usually, 3 or 4 weeks before an election. However, I do updates, and add details/comments right up to an election.

DO NOT VOTE EARLY! Often pertinent info doesn’t come out until late in campaigns.